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Awarded Funding:


  • EU CleanSky2 Grant, under Prof. Hugh McCann & Prof. Walter Johnstone

    • Horizon 2020 with Rolls-Royce, Shell, INTA and Academia

    • The grant is designed as a continuation of the UE FLITES EPSRC grant, aiming to take the TRL of the system from TRL4 to TRL6. I contributed to various technical sections, ideas for ensuring high TRL and robust delivery, costs and future work. Liaised with suppliers to investigate commercial solutions to aid in TRL increase and manufacturing support for custom designs.

    • [Cleansky Link]



  • ERASMUS (Go Abroad) Teaching Scheme, Edinburgh to Germany

    • TU Munich, Germany (1-2 Week Exchange)

    • Awarded £1000 for teaching exchange and prospective collaboration discussions

    • [ERASMUS Program Link]



  • Software Sustainability Institute (SSI), Manchester, UK

    • Institute Fellowship: Public Outreach (1 Year Duration)

    • Awarded £3000 for engagement with industry/academia to increase best-practice uptake in software, firmware and hardware design

    • [Institute Link]

    • [Fellow Profile Link]



  • EPSRC Platform Grant, under Prof. Hugh McCann & Prof. Walter Johnstone

    • Chemical Imaging Diagnostics for Energy Research (CIDER)

    • EPSRC Grant Codes: EP/P001661/1 [Link]

    • EPSRC Grant Value: £1,023,500 (Oct 16 - Sep 21)

    • Named PDRA and contributed to various technical sections, including costs and future work. The grant was designed to support 4 PDRAs (Edin/Strath) for 5 years totalling $1.025 million. Included PDRA independent 'sandpit' project budgets and signicant PDRA development, training support.



  • Altium Designer - PCB Software Sponsorship, FLITES Project, UK.

    • PCB Design Software: (Two License Seats for Two Years)

    • Company: Premier EDA now Altium [Link]

    • Awarded FLITES project sponsorship of industry-leading PCB design software obtaining two license seats for two years each. Equivalent to £1600 at the academic rate, but approximately £10,000 if assuming commercial license rates.

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