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You are invited to the

Fisher - Price Wedding

Saturday 11th December 2021:

Ceremony at 1:45 pm (Children welcome)

Comrie Croft, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland


We are looking forward to seeing all of you and hope that you can make it to our special day.

Preliminary Details:


DropBox - Photos from Guests:

When is it: The ceremony itself will be at 1.40 pm Saturday 11th December 2021 - Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but it is early winter in Scotland so a warm jacket is a must! Please also bring an umbrella (just in case).

Where is it: Comrie Croft, Comrie, PH7 4JZ, near Crieff and Perth. Website is

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Travel: Comrie Croft (PH7 4JZ) is 1h 30 mins (62 miles) north west of Edinburgh on the A85. If you can, we suggest planning for a long weekend as we appreciate it is a long way for many.

  1. By Car: from Edinburgh the preferable route is the M90 to Perth and then the A85 or take the M9(A) past Sterling and then the A822. Free car parking on the site. There is an alternative route but some v. sharp corners!

  2. By Train: Edinburgh Waverly then change to Perth. From there a taxi/bus may be the best option, but Sunday would be limited (need booking). If this is your option, let us know and we can sort out a carpool.

  3. By Air: The closest airports are Edinburgh and Dundee.

We understand this is quite a trek, hence the availability of two nights’ accommodation on-site if you would like, and the long notice. Kids are welcome but we’d suggest treating the weekend as a holiday if you’re able.

WARNING: Taxis are patchy in the area, but can be booked, see list below.

Car Pool:

  • We may operate a carpool please let us know if you will need this.

Comrie/Crief Taxis: (very local but low capacity)

  • Comrie Cabs 07565 954147 - (this guy is very local, might be useful for multiple bookings)

  • Crief Taxis 01764 654620

  • Premier Taxis Crief 01764 641111

  • Brown's Hire Crief 07970 598870

Perth Taxis: (approx 45 mins away, patchy coverage)

  • Ace Taxis 01738 444000

  • A & B Taxis 01738 446688

  • Perth Radio Taxis 01738 580058

  • Thistle Taxis 01738 441122

  • Perth Taxis 07941 640019

  • Perth Private Hire 01738 592468

  • Perth Taxis and Minibus Hire 01738 808100

  • FG Cabs Perth 01738 444999

  • Silver Chauffeur Services 01738 808020

  • Perth Access Cars 01738 639134

  • Scone Taxis 07941 640019

  • JJ Tosh Private Hire 07900 565652

  • SWG Executive 01738 630323

Gleneagles Taxis: (approx 25 mins away, unknown coverage)

  • Premium Taxis 07447 446000

  • Ford Private Hire 01764 664050

  • RAM Private Hire 07715 255011

  • M &M Chauffer Drive 01764 660 116

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On-Site Accommodation: Comrie Croft has two blocks of self-catered, hostel-style shared accommodation, The Steadings (see here) and The Farm House (see here). There are also seven Scandinavian-style Katas on-site for £230 for Fri/Sat (see here).

  1. There is space for 58 people on site. And we have this for Friday and Saturday nights with a small contribution of £25 per person per night, no charge for children, including breakfast (with Prosecco on the morning of the wedding-  because we start as we mean to go on!). There is a variety of rooms (2 to 6 beds etc), comprised mostly of bunk beds.

On-Site Accommodation Payment: 

  1. Account Details: Nationwide Acc: 04859003, Sort: 07-08-06

  2. Please use this account if you are sending over pennies for on-site accommodation, for the reference please out your name, number of people, (including children), and the number of nights eg Becky & Ed- 2p 2nights (if your character limit will allow it!)

  3. If you could also ping one of us a message to say you've done it that would be super helpful in this logistical nightmare! If you are having any problems with payments at all please send one of us an email or Facebook message and we will get back to you ASAP! 

Current Room Allocations (updated 24/07/21):

  • Farmhouse (now filled):

    • Room 1: Huw, Jackie, Charlie, Lydia and Connor​

    • Room 2: John and Louise

    • Room 3: Becky, Natalie, Ed. S, Tami, Clair, Sally (+ bridal party spare)

  • Steadings:

    • Room 1: Sue, Ian, Tyler

    • Room 2: Krissy and Kids

    • Room 3: Ben and Naomi + Baby​

    • Room 4: Alex T, Ross. C, Guy. G, Keith. M

    • Room 5: Keith and Katie

    • Room 6: Gary, Lucy, Laura, Paul

    • Room 7: Charlie, Mel, Angus

    • Room 8: Luke, Liza, Jo. D

    • Room 9: Heather, Steven, Frances

    • Room 10: Nick and Nithya

    • Room 11: Will, Richard, Liv, Alex) (+ spare = 2)

  • Katas:

    • Kata 1: Edward and Becky

    • Kata 2: Emma and Donal

    • Kata 3: Hannah and Lauren

  • Leven House:​

    • Room 1: Alex and Ellie Howard

  • The Barn: Milearne​

    • Room 1: Gill and Gee (Videographers)​

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The Plan:

  • Friday 10th:

    • We have the accommodation from 1 pm, till Sunday morning- so lots of time for pre-Wedding fun, (and post-wedding hangover recovery for some….).

    • Friday will be setting up the venue and an informal meal and drinks in the accommodation block on-site with guests that can make it. Food will be provided as will some drinks. Please feel free to BYOB too.

    • There will be a "Lock-In" in The Steadings from 10 pm to late.​

  • Saturday 11th:

    • Our wedding will be quite relaxed in nature. The ceremony will likely be inside the main barn.

    • We have booked a Ceilidh band, (if you don’t know what a Ceilidh is, it has been accurately described as being part dance part fight - so practical shoes please, (no one needs a stiletto in the eye!).

    • There will also be an eclectic mix of other entertainment. (Singer-Songwriters, Comedy, Improv)

    • 09:00 to 12:00 - Breakfast and Prep

    • 13:00 - Guests Arrive

    • 13:40 - Ceremony at 13:40

    • 14:15 - Register Signing

    • 14:25 - Confetti Toss

    • 14:30 to 16:30 - Drinks Reception

    • 17:00 - Pizza and Main Meal

    • 18:20 - Speeches

    • 19:00 - Cake Cutting

    • 19:15 - Comedy

    • 19:45 - First Dance

    • 20:00 to 21:00 - Ceilidh Band Set 1

    • 21:30 to 22:00 - Ceilidh Band Set 2

    • 22:30 there will be a Whisky and Cheese "Lock-In" in The Steadings.​

    • 00:00 music has to be off unfortunately...

  • Sunday 12th:

    • Breakfast for those that are around on-site on Sunday

    • On-site checkout is 10:30 am, but we can stay in The Steadings till Noon.​

    • There will be some tidy up and bringing down decorations (08:30 to 10:30 am)

    • Afternoon walk... likely Comrie Deil's Cauldron (here:


  1. Friday: Evening meal in The Steadings (approx. 7.30 pm)

  2. Saturday: Ceilidh Band (Scottish Dancing - very fun, see here), Improv Comedy, SPEECHES!

  3. Sunday: Possibly some local walks, waterfalls, hills, forests.

What is a Ceilidh?

  • Danny Bhoy describes it as a half dance, half fight (here)... Which is..... pretty accurate!

  • It's inclusive, (you don't have to know someone well in Scotland to throw them around!), there will be a caller for the moves, we will choose fun, simple dances suitable for all. There will be people attending that know the dances too. And.. we will let it get fast!

  • Let's put it this way- you might want to sink a few before you try it, but you will get Ceildh fever fast! 

  • Our band is The Scotch Bonnets here... 

  • What does it look like? Some more videos here: Sir Jacksian Circle (here), The Gay Gordons (here).

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Food/Drink: The important part of course is- SCRAN! (translation: 'food' for the English folk)! We wanted a more informal feel for our wedding so rather than a sit down meal we are having a wonderful 4th generation Scottish-Italian family who are setting up their lovely mobile pizza station and providing antipasti and pasta salads - these will be in a buffet. The pizzas will be made to order (90 seconds per pizza they say!) in their wood-fired oven. We wanted more festival than fancy so wanted simple, hearty and delicious food. There are vegan and GF options as well and please message us with dietary requirements! 

We also have a pop-up bar coming- there will be free welcome drinks at the reception immediately post-ceremony and unlimited red and white wine during dinner (steady now though lads - there is a ceilidh to do!) and then a paid-for bar after. For those who love a good nightcap - after the music is off at 11 pm there will be a whisky and cheese 'lock in' at the Steadings accommodation block on site to warm the cockles before sleeping it off!

Covid Secure:

  • Most adults will have had both vaccinations (many the booster too).

  • There will be hand sanitiser and masks available at both main entrances.

  • We will be well under the covid-capacity (2m rule) of the venue, i.e. approx. 120 guests for the 200 maximum.

    • The main barn is very very big so will have good air circulation.​

  • We plan to do a lateral flow test before the event.

  • The current rules are below, as are the main links. As always they are poorly constructed


Government Rules (as of 07/12/21): 

  • "If you don't have symptoms take a regular lateral flow test - especially before mixing with other people".

  • "Wear a face-covering where required"... (does include weddings).

  • "Use the Covid Status, Protect Scotland and Check-In Scotland applications" (3 apps).

  • There are currently no physical social distancing requirements... only the wording... "If you can, keep your distance from people not in your group" (this is very woolly indeed).

  • Exemptions for masks:

    • those under 12 years old,

    • medical and mental health exemptions,

    • eating or drinking (either seating or standing)

    • dancing (during wedding receptions and parties) 

    • during the ceremony if the couple getting married

    • delivering an eulogy, reading or speech

    • or... if you can stay 1 metre away from others 

  • No masks are required outside. We will hopefully have the fire pits on and blankets.

Our Policy:

  • Masks, in general, will be "personal choice", there will not be any enforcement.

  • But... please consider one when interacting with the Bar/Pizza/Band staff or when using a Taxis etc.

  • We'd prefer not to have masks visible in the formal photographs, we can use outside/distancing instead.


DropBox - Photos from Guests:

Gifts: As we have been living together for a while now we don't need the typical household gifts. The important thing for us is seeing you all. However, if you would like to, we have decided that a charitable donation or a small donation to our honeymoon fund would be lovely. For those that really would like to get us something, we have a few ideas below:

  • The Anne Rowling Clinic: (

    • This is Becky's local centre where she has her MS consultant meetings. They have been very good in the past and have a number of patient-facing trials as well as academic research.

  • Kingussie Highland Wildlife Park: (

    • Based near Aviemore, they have an active Scottish Wild Cat breeding program. Their wolf, snow leopard, Amir Tiger, and polar bear breeding programs have also been successful in recent years.

  • Rhino Revolution: (

    • Co-run by Becky's parent's friend Terry​, they have rescued a number of Rhino from poaching in South Africa.

  • Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (

    • Based in South Africa, HESC​ runs breeding programs and operates a conservation education program. They have some Rhino but larger populations of cats (Cheetahs) and Wild Dogs. 

  • Honeymoon Fund:

    • We plan to go back to South Africa, the Kruger National Park, Hoedspruit, and Nelspruit. ​Ed is hoping to rent some longer photography lenses and we plan to spend more time in the various national parks. Ed is still to see Leopards or Cheetah in the wild.

  • Wedding List:​

    • We need....​

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