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My main hobbies outside of Engineering are:

  • Reading (Fiction)

  • Writing (Fiction and Academic)

  • Photography

  • Craft Ales

  • Hill-walking and outdoor activities


 - I have (2016) taken up creative writing. This, for the most part, has been of the H.G.Wells, Lovecraft, or Kafka variety of science fiction and horror. Being a hobby, it is a way of stretching my writing away from academia. As I have a keen interest in philosophy I am trying to inject ethics and philosophy into my writing. We will see how this goes.



 - Photography wise I love using older film, particularly medium format 645 films, and my preferred subject matter is landscape. During university I was active in both press photography and portraiture, however exploring and photographing the land will always hold special something for me. I particularly enjoy B&W film and have previously processed film myself, although the practicalities of having cats now prevent that.

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