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Here you will find details and links regarding one of my long term but sadly, underutilised, hobbies. I've been actively taking photographs since 2003, and it is one of the primary reasons I was attracted first to an M.Eng project with ST Microelectronics (Imaging), and secondly to undertake a PhD related to CMOS image sensors and single-photon detectors. Of course, imaging using tomographic methods, SONAR and RADAR have also been a feature of my career.


During my undergraduate degree:

  • Gigs, Music and Bands for the Skinny Magazine

  • Press and Art for the Edin/Glas Art Magazine

  • Press, Sports and Photo-Editor for The Journal

  • Portraiture and Theatre

  • Various private and corporate commisions


During my masters degree:

  • Film Processing Techniques (B&W)

  • Landscapes

  • Art Nudes


I now prefer landscapes and I am actively seeking to get back to this area.

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