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Professional Service:


  • The University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland) - FLITES/CIDAR Project

    • Dates: March 2019 - May 2019

    • Task: Knowledge and design transfer of PDRA FLITES-project designs to CIDAR acacemics and DAS-Photonics (Spain), specifically of the interfaces between key functional blocks of the FLITES gas chemical species tomography system.

    • Working with Dr Alex Tsekenis Consulting [Link]

  • Lumotive LLC (Washington, USA) - SPAD-based LiDAR Receiver Array Project

    • Dates: April 2019 - August 2019

    • Task: SPAD receiver consultancy (ideas, design factors, advice and system-level modelling) as to a high readout rate (2ns bins) multi-channel (256) photon counting receiver array for automotive LiDAR.

    • Working with Dr Gleb Alexrod (Lumotive CTO and Co-Founder) [Link]




  • IEEE Trans. Instrumentation and Measurement (TIM)

  • Internal Coda Octopus Products Ltd [Science Literature Peer-Review] 

    • Dates: Approx Jan 2019

  • IEEE Trans. Circuits and Systems I: (TCAS.I)


IEEE Sensors Council: UK&I Chapter Young Professionals Committee:


Software Sustainability Institute (SSI), Manchester, UK:

  • Institute Fellow - Public Outreach

    • Dates: Dev 2016 to Dec 2017

    • See details elsewhere...

    • [Institute Link]

    • [Fellow Profile Link]

    • Articles:

      • Best Practices in Sustainable Software Architectures [Link]

      • Software and Firmware Parameterisation: A Basic Requirement for Modular Long-Term Usage [Link]

      • Software Sustainability for Hardware and Firmware Engineering [Link]

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