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Teaching Experience:

Jan 2014 - Jan 2017:

  • Informal Ph.D Student Supervision

    • FPGA firmware and DSP student - needed coaching in digital systems and requirements of a large hardware, firmware and software embedded data acquisition design

    • Led and managed the contributions of another two Ph.D students for a large FPGA digital-logic design with embedded software


April-June 2012:

  • Private/Public Tutor in Edinburgh

    • Advanced Highers level tuition in Mathematics and Physics


Jan - Apr 2012:

  • Lab Demonstrator / Teaching Assistant 1 Semester

    • Instructor and Grader for AVLSI5: 5th Year Undergraduate Design Course

    • Design, simulate, layout, extract and test a cyclic ADC in 0.35um CMOS

    • Students were graded by a full design report, and an oral viva demonstrating their understanding


Sept 2009 - Jun 2012:

  • Lab Demonstrator / Tutor for Undergraduate Electronics

    • Instructor for SATWAY: 3rd Year Undergraduate Design LAB

      • Students design receiver and decoder circuits for a standard PAL video signal including raster generation, and signal amplication, along with a small PCB

    • Instructor for MICROWAY: 3rd Year Undergraduate Design LAB

      • Students design circuits for and code a simple 8-Bit Microcontroller

    • Further Demonstrating / Teaching: 3rd, 4th and 5th Years

    • 3rd Electronics Circuits Tutorials (Bi-Polar Transistor Circuits)


Sept 2009 - Jun 2012:

  • One to One Tuition

    •  A small number of M.Sc and B.Eng students

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